Optimization and Capacity Increases

Our experts can help you assess your plant capacity and offer novel solutions to help you upgrade—often without major capital expense. Our variable pricing structure allows you to install upgrades when you need them, without having to pay for them when you don't need increased capacity.

Plant Efficiency/Optimization Studies
By studying your plant's process systems and benchmarking your results, we can advise you about methods that could improve your plant's process efficiency.

Retrofit Options
We can help you avoid a major capital project to upgrade your facility by optimizing your existing assets.

VOC Emission Reduction
We can help you avoid a major capital project to upgrade your facility by optimizing your existing assets.

Wastewater Process Services
We offer proactive prevention monitoring services customized to your facility.

Air Products can analyze all types of biological wastewater treatment systems and tell you where your bottlenecks are.

Through studying your plant's process and benchmarking your results to industry best practices, we can advise you about methods to improve your plant's process efficiency. In these plant efficiency studies we provide:

  • A customized risk assessment, including
    – Historical statistical analysis of treatment processes and efficiencies
    – Microscopic analysis, if required
  • Process efficiency report
    – Current processing capacity
    – Potential processing capacity with little or no capital
    – Retrofit solutions in lieu of plant capital expenditure
    – Decreased or eliminated bulking problems
  • Cost saving process ideas
    – Capacity increases from process intensification without capital expenditure
    – Energy savings (less energy per pound of COD removed)
    – Improved strategies to deal with peaks in plant loading
  • Lower sludge disposal costs from:
    – Improved sludge yield
    – Improved sludge dewatering
    – Decreased or eliminated polymer costs plants

As plant production increases, or populations grow, or as wastewater treatment plants grow older, it is often necessary to increase the treatment capacity of your wastewater treatment plant.

This will frequently involve spending capital to design and build new treatment units or expand existing ones.

The following situations are often encountered:

  • Increased plant production (or growth in population)
    Wastewater treatment plants quickly become saturated as demand for a certain product grows or new communities are added on to towns. The only solution to this is to expand your wastewater treatment plant. Not with Air Products. We will work together with you to get the most 'bang for your bug' out of the existing plant so as to avoid a costly upgrade.
  • New permit requirements
    NPDES renewals can be a troublesome time for wastewater treatment plants as new discharge limits are added and the old ones tightened. In order to comply, once again plants will likely be faced with a costly project to expand their wastewater treatment plants. Air Products has experience, for example, in retrofitting conventional wastewater treatment plants for biological nutrient removal (nitrification-denitrification). We can help you avoid investing in new capital.
  • Replacing/upgrading old aeration systems
    As aeration systems wear out, you will be faced with the prospect of having to replace them or upgrade them to newer models. We can work with you to minimize this cost and examine all the alternative technologies available.
  • High biological waste sludge handling and disposal
    As gas prices climb and sludge tipping fees increase at landfills, you may be faced with a very high waste sludge disposal cost. Air Products can help you minimize the sludge transport and disposal cost.

Air-based aeration can cause VOC emission issues at a wastewater treatment plant. If you are faced with installing equipment to capture and then destroy VOCs from process units, you may be looking at a costly wastewater treatment plant capital project.

Using both Wastewater Solutions' knowledge and pure oxygen aeration devices, we can work with you to retrofit your wastewater treatment plant without major capital expense to reduce your VOC emissions by greater than >90%.

We can analyze the emission sources at your wastewater treatment plant and try to minimize their impact on air pollution.

VOCs are generally easily biodegradable. They can be treated biologically as part of an activated sludge system if they are not stripped out of the wastewater. This generally happens with all air-based aeration systems, as 80% of air is nitrogen, which is relatively insoluble in water compared to oxygen.

Oxy-Dep™ technology uses pure oxygen to aerate the activated sludge system. As >90% of the gas injected is dissolved, there is significant reduction in the amount of VOCs stripped from the aeration basin.

We can show you how to reduce odor emissions from your wastewater streams using our pure oxygen technology. Air Products has more than a quarter of a century of experience in wastewater treatment in both the industrial and municipal sectors. Our wastewater treatment specialists are continually developing solutions to your evolving problems. Our oxygen technology is being used to solve odor problems in wastewater basins.

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