Organic Recycled Product Market Research, Assessments and Development Services


The recycling of organic by-products has become more commonplace in both the public and private sectors.  Generators of organically-based agricultural, municipal and industrial by-products have all found it necessary to consider new methods of managing these materials. Innovative techniques (e.g., composting, anaerobic digestion) and new technologies (e.g., granulation/pelletization) are enabling greater volumes of these organic by-products to be manufactured into value added products. These products may vary greatly in their form and function, but relatively all of them have the opportunity for beneficial reuse. As a greater variety and volume of organic by-products are recycled, a greater emphasis must be placed on developing viable markets and distribution channels for them. Organic recycled products may be produced from various feedstocks, including:

  • Yard Trimmings & Wood, Bark
  • Municipal Biosolids
  • Food Residuals & By-Products
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Industrial Sludges & By-Products
  • Anaerobic Digestion By-Products
  • Vermicompost/Worm Castings
  • Agricultural By-Products & Manures
  • Paper, Cardboard
  • Wood Processing By-Products

In their current state, or once further processed, these products may be considered valuable commodities for use in a variety of commercial applications. R. Alexander Associates, Inc. possesses extensive experience in quality and processing issues, end use, as well as market identification, analysis and development.

Our services include:

  • Market Research and Quantitative Analysis
  • Product Development and Improvement
  • Market Development and Expansion
  • Product Registrations
  • Distribution/Marketing Program Audits
  • Developing Marketing Plans/Strategies
  • Defining Product Value and Market Areas
  • Sales / Marketing Staff Training

R. Alexander Associates, Inc. can provide these services and others, as well as customize services to meet our client’s requirements. R. Alexander Associates, Inc. offers experienced professionals trained in marketing/sales, who have practical experience in product end use, and market research and development for organic recycled products. This real world experience provides practical solutions which are economic in nature, long term and teachable. R. Alexander Associates, Inc.  utilizes a wide range of methods to ascertain pertinent marketing and product utilization data, to determine the market potential for a specific product, and to develop and implement distribution/marketing strategies suited for a particular set of circumstances.

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