Organic Recycled Product Sales, Marketing and End Use Education & Training Services


Over the past 10 years, training courses and educational tools have been created to assist individuals and companies successfully develop and manage composting and organics recycling facilities. Programs even exist which provide operator training to composting facility staff and landfill operators. However, for many years, the area of sales and market development and end use had been greatly ignored. And although, extensive product end use research has been completed by academic institutions, only limited work has been done to commercialize these results into viable and teachable marketing and end use programs. Further, little assistance has been available in the area of market development training from individuals with practical experience.

With competition in the organics industry increasing, market development and end use related issues have received more attention. Therefore, staff training and implementation assistance in these crucial areas has become more available, as have tools for improving proper product end use by customers. Various methods and tools may be used to assist in customer and staff training, including:

  • Seminars, Short Courses and Workshops
  • Training Manuals
  • Technical Papers
  • Videos and Powerpoint Presentations
  • One-On-One Field Training
  • Field Research and Demonstration Plots
  • End Use Economic Models
  • End Use & Product Specifications
  • Product End Use Literature

RAA has experience with all of these techniques, and has developed many of the landmark tools and publications used by the industry today.

To provide this type of assistance, a technical background and practical experience in a wide range of areas is required. R. Alexander Associates, Inc. possesses broad based knowledge and extensive experience in:

  • Basic Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • The Green Industry (agricultural and lawn & garden, environmental)
  • End User Needs and Concerns
  • Product Quality Issues
  • Product End Uses/Applications
  • Composting and Other Organic Recycling Processes, Anaerobic Digestion
  • Competing Products
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Issues
  • Transportation and Application Issues
  • Government Regulations

Possessing over 25 years of experience in the composting and organics recycling industry, R. Alexander Associates, Inc. is ideally suited to provide your organization with staff training services.

Aside from providing extensive individual and company training services, R. Alexander Associates, Inc. has also developed technical end use and sales / marketing workshops, as well as publications on related subjects.

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