OSRO Coverage Services


Patriot Environmental Services is an approved and rated OSRO with the State of California and the U.S. Coast Guard. As part of our service lines, Patriot Environmental Services OSRO Retainer Program allows our clients to benefit from the combined years of experience and expertise in spill response, extensive labor force and the large quantity of strategically placed response assets. Patriot Environmental Services takes a hand on approach and comprehensive review of our client’s current contingency and spill response plans.

Deployment and tabletop exercises, unified assessment training, visual verification of job site infrastructure and adjacent environmental and/or economic sensitive sites assures seamless integration and confidence prior to or during an incident. Dedicated to preventive planning, Patriot Environmental Services remains steadfast in their continued effort to bring innovation and interactivity to minimize client’s risks and exposure from a safety, environmental and economical impact viewpoint.

  1. U.S. Coast Guard rated OSRO
  2. CA ACP Areas 4, 5 and 6
  3. Marine Facilities
  4. Fuel Docks
  5. Standby Services to meet State and Federal AMPD and Shoreline Protection Requirements
  6. ICS certified and trained personnel
  7. Boom Deployment Construction Phase and Vessel Boom Deployment
  8. Contingency Plan Review
  9. Stand By Services for Bunkering
  10. Custom-Tailored Tabletop

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