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Partial rehabilitation using Quick Lock pipe interior pressure sleeves is a purely mechanical rehabilitation procedure for all standard waste water, fountain, and tap water pipeline systems from DN 150 to DN 800. For this purpose, a stainless steel pressure sleeve is positioned on the damaged spot with the help of an air powered packer under camera observation. The pressure sleeve has two circular EPDM compression seals that ensure permanent sealing of the damaged spot. Two gear mechanisms make the pressure sleeve expand with the packer and prevent the return of the interior pressure sleeve through a locking mechanism. If there are several damaged spots in the rehabilitation position, serial shifting is also possible. Here any numbers of stainless steel pressure sleeves are positioned in succession.

The overlapping EPDM seal configuration ensures tightness.Thanks to the pressure sleeve, the old pipe is structurally stabilised. It can be used in old pipe condition II and, in some cases, also III.r.tec Partliner System

Rabmer developed the r.tec® partliner system for the rehabilitation of partially defective pipe sections that are between 0.6 and 4 m long.
With the help of a packer and TV camera, a flexible tube that is impregnated with epoxy resin, is fed through existing control shafts and is positioned at the defective area and pressed onto the existing pipe wall. The hardening of the resin is then accomplished by steam and pressure.
The system enables a seamless lining which sticks to the pipe without shrinking. During the installation process the resin enters into the defective pipe wall, which gives the wall extra stability. We use the system for the rehabilitation of sewer pipes with dimensions of DN 100 – 600 mm.

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