GLE Associates

GLE Associates

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments


Property Transactions/Due Diligence (Phase I Environmental Site Assessments). GLE’s staff has performed thousands of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with ASTM E-1527 for numerous clients including commercial lenders, private land owners, and municipalities. Our staff are experts in the evaluation of properties for acquisition by our clients, and we can complete a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report, to your specific requirements within 5 working days.

Each Phase I Environmental Site Assessment prepared by GLE includes the following:

  • Site condition evaluations
  • Evaluations of past site use and operational practices
  • Property title searches (if required)
  • Tenant records and archive researches
  • Aerial photos, site maps and plan reviews
  • Interviews with previous owners
  • Construction records
  • Environmental regulatory searches
  • Current commercial & industrial operations
  • Inventory of on-site hazardous materials, records & MSDS
  • Review of environmental files and permits
  • Sanborn maps (if available)
  • Evaluation of various environmental transport routes

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