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Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Current or historical uses of a Site may adversely impact soil and groundwater conditions. A subsurface investigation also known as Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is often required to determine if suspected uses have undermined the environmental integrity of a Site. Soil and groundwater monitoring and testing are necessary to quantify and delineate the extent of contamination at Sites where a release has been confirmed, such as in response to a leaking underground storage tank. When performing this level of investigation, PES Associates, Inc. provides unparalleled experience in subsurface investigations, as we utilize the most proven assessment and remedial techniques.


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PES Associates, Inc. is prepared to manage Phase II environmental subsurface investigations to determine if further work is needed in order to comply with local, state, and federal environmental cleanup regulations. Our on-staff Licensed Site & Environmental Professionals, environmental scientists, and project managers effectively manage contaminated Sites from the original detection of the release to final closure. Our unparalleled experience with a multitude of Sites sets us apart from the competition. We expeditiously arrive at innovative solutions to solve challenging problems, minimize costs, and elevate overall property values.

PES Associates, Inc.’s has completed hundreds of Phase II Environmental Site Assessments under various local, state and federal protocols. In appropriate situations, PES Associates, Inc. will implement real-time investigation techniques so that environmental impacts can be identified more rapidly and cost effectively. This saves our Client’s money, as well as decrease the actual project completion time frame.

Conclusions presented in our Phase II Environmental Limited Subsurface Investigations are based upon analytical test data from soil and groundwater samples. Therefore, the care exercised during field sampling is paramount. Accordingly, Paragon has developed strict quality assurance and quality control guidelines for all field sampling procedures.

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