McVac Environmental, Inc.

Pipe Cleaning and Inspection


Through the years, McVac has built a reputation as one of the industries premier pipe cleaning companies. We have the capabilities and experience to clean storm water pipes, culverts and sewer pipes ranging in size from 4 inch to well over 110 inch pipes. McVac owns and operates a large fleet of cleaning equipment comprising of jet trucks hydraulic pumps, vacuum containers, clarifiers and Super vacuum trucks. This equipment allows McVac to handle all pipe cleaning projects, whether large or small, in a timely and cost efficient manner.

McVac's video inspection equipment is often used in conjunction with our pipe cleaning operation. Video inspection of the pipes allow for the customers to determine the integrity of the pipe, the cleanliness of the  pipe, collapses, blockages, etc. All customers are given a printed report as well as a multi-media recording of the inspection. McVac's inspection services are capable of doing the same size pipes as the cleaning operation, making us one of a few companies having the capabilities to perform inspections on large diameter pipes.

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