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The aims to study of the pipping vibration are : to avoid the cracking of the pipping which can bring to a rupture, to avoid resulting leaks, to avoid the distrurbance of the measuring devices assembled on the conduits, to prevent that the vibrations of the frame excite the piping, to prevent that the employees who work in the vincinity undergo these vibrations.

The vibration is easily detected with the noise, with the touch, sometimes even with the sight.

The problem is to know and estimate the gravity of this vibration.

The problem is complex concerning the control of mechanical resistance. Indeed, it is not any more the amplitude of the vibration of the control which is the only important parameter but the generated constraint.

If this constraint depends on amplitude of vibrations (and through them of the generated efforts that one cannot measure), it also depends on :

  • Vibratory deformation, which includes/understands angular deformations,
  • Particular characteristics of piping, diameter, thickness, materials, etc ...
  • Geometrical singularities, which generate stress concentrations such as prickings, supports, valves, etc ...

Moreover, for these parameters, it is necessary to take into account the tiring aspect of the material, which utilizes the type of oscillation, the frequency and the duration.

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