Sintac-Polska Sp. z o.o.

Sintac-Polska Sp. z o.o.

Professional Washing and Degreasing Services

Oiled floors, culverts, wall surfaces, equipment, oily spots, trouble with contaminated floors – we can solve all such problems.

We take up works even on difficult sites lacking proper infrastructure, and guarantee their execution in accordance with legal regulations on environmental protection, work safety and hygiene, and fire prevention. We offer comprehensive cleaning of all types of dirt (including dirt accumulated over a number of years) – a long list of references. We use proper professional technologies that ensure high efficiency without the use of toxic substances. Pursuant to decisions permitting us to generate, collect and transport, we can neutralize all types of waste generated in the course of cleaning. Cleaned surfaces are ready for painting, resin coating or varnishing. We have the logistics and equipment that allows operation anywhere in the country. We have many years’ experience in professional cleaning of oil contamination, much broader than ordinary cleaning companies.

We provide washing and degreasing services for:

  • industrial halls and facilities (with painting),
  • military facilities,
  • car parks, driveways, garages, vehicle manoeuvring areas,
  • waste deposition sites,
  • petrol stations (driveways, fuel pumps, elevations, ceiling),
  • machinery and equipment,
  • vtransformers (with painting).

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