Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A.

Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A.

Project Coordination Services


The project coordination department is responsible of leading and performing studies, together with other CTA departments or independently, in order to obtain environmental permits for industrial projects. Studies are prepared according to the terms of reference issued by governmental agencies.

Studies required for different purposes are also developed, e.g. pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, building your corporate image, third party conflict resolution, in order to be used for decision making processes. Other studies are:

  • Soils: Technical description of soil characteristics, using soil profiles, perforations and laboratory analysis.
  • Geotechnics:  Soil and rocks physical properties description, using soil profiles, perforations, geophysics and field and laboratory analysis.
  • Geology: Geological units technical description, field inspection and measurement, perforations and geophysics.
  • Hydrogeology: Hydrogeological characterization of an area, well perforation and monitoring, aquifer and other tests, field inspections and geophysics.
  • Hydrology: Hydrological network description of an area, discharge, run off, infiltration, and evapotranspiration measurements.
  • Meteorology: Climatological data gathering and interpretation.  Meteorological station installation.
  • Natural Hazards: Field measurements and historical review and interpretation.
  • Mitigation Measures: Design and implementation of specific measures to mitigate impacts or environmental risks.
  • International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC) certification services: CTA has authorized auditors by the International Cyanide Management Institute. Auditors have wide experience in advising mining companies towards the certification of their mines.

CTA´s work is reviewed by senior reviewers, and has the support of international environmental and engineering consulting companies.

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