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The FCC Group

Public Water Services



aqualia can manage each component of the integral water cycle, which consists of the capture, treatment, purification, distribution and collection of waste water and its subsequent treatment to be returned to the environment in optimal condition. Our experience to date, together with a detailed knowledge of the maintenance and operation of infrastructure built, guarantees efficiency in the use of public and private resources invested in new infrastructure. aqualia is an effective contributor to the public administration, providing the necessary technical assistance with professional teams for consultancy work. In this regard, aqualia has consolidated experience in the operation and maintenance of WWTS and PWTS, managing more than 300 such facilities in countries such as Spain, the Czech Republic and Italy.

In collaboration with the public administration

  • 28 million customers worldwide
  • 36.7% market share in Spain
  • 56.830km of pipes under management
  • 69.99 million euros invested in infrastructure
  • 79.524 análisis de agua potable realizados (SINAC)
  • 99.51% of tests produce positive results

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