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Quest Subsea Database (QSDB) – The QSDB has been active since 1982 and includes historical and forecast information on global subsea project developments from 1961 to 2016, and beyond. The QSDB provides forecast analysis on growth opportunities, the companies driving both supply and demand within the market space and emerging trends with respect to new technologies. QSDB analysis includes: five-year rolling forecast for global subsea tree awards, six-year rolling forecast for global subsea tree startups, global subsea Capex forecast and subsea tree and control manufacturer market share. The QSDB is released quarterly and includes an MS PowerPoint Market Overview, current downloads of the database in MS Excel including forecast subsea awards, and all working data supporting the Market Overview.

  • Industry leading forecast of subsea tree awards
  • Market forecasts illustrate near and long term health of overall subsea industry
  • Key analysis around regional, operator and water depth trends for subsea tree awards and startups
  • Historic and forecast subsea CAPEX analysis

  • Market Overview in MS PowerPoint of key trends and forecasts
  • Full working files in MS Excel supporting Market Overview
  • Full downloads of historic and forecast subsea databases

Subsea Project Spend by Onstream (Startup) Year

  • Illustrations of global historical and forecast spending for entire subsea production package

Market Forecast Subsea Awards

  • Quest applies a base, mean and high case to all projects to take into consideration the location, timing, status, etc. of a project in calculating forecasted trees. Current market dynamics also influence the base and high case scenarios for projects.
  • Historical and five-year forecast of global subsea tree awards: By Region, By Water Depth, CAPEX analysis for tree, control and manifold hardware (Only)
  • Top operators classified by their mean case tree award forecast Market Analysis Subsea Tree Startups
  • Illustrates historic and forecast installed base of subsea tree awards
  • From 1996 and includes six-year forecast: By Region, By Water Depth

Market Share Analysis

  • Long-term regional subsea tree market share
  • Current quarter analysis of subsea tree and control awards
  • Current quarter and YTD review of subsea tree, control and manifold awards by manufacturer and estimated value (US$)

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