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The recycling of electrical electronic wastes is the re-participating of all kind of e-waste recyclable equipments which have completed their useful life or are out of fashion in production processes as raw material through the usage of appropriate recycling methods. Its difference from retrieval is the transformation of the wastes to other products or energy with physical, chemical or biochemical methods is out of question.Preventing the involvement of recyclable wastes with other type of waste by separating them at their source significantly decreases the cost of recycling and increases the value of the waste.When separating the wastes are out of hand in the source, e-wastes are gathered at suitable conditions at where they are left/thrown, then according to their value range after they are recycled, their dismantling, shattering, blending and separation processes are done through manual handling or mechanic systems.

After different materials such as plastic, glass, metal, cable, electronic components, pressed circuit cards, etc. are separated, classification is done considering their features such as quality, shipping priority, environmental harms, economical features and legal acceptableness. The next step is the use of gathered material as raw material for ‘retrieval’ process. Such as metal and plastic, wastes that can be used without retrieval process can also be obtained. As it can be understood, recycling process is the process to provide supply for retrieval or reuse.Although the infrastructure and initial investment expenses are too high, the productivity of the facilities has increased after the recycling process met with technology and improvement way for new technologies were opened. In recycling, instead of manual handling;

  • The dismantling, peeling and separating processes of salvage cables,
  • Recycling systems for automobile tire,
  • The dismantling, shattering, separation systems of salvage metals,
  • The dismantling, separating and baling systems of salvage plastic,
  • The dismantling, shattering, blending and separating systems of salvage pressed circuit cards, etc. are done with mechanic, electronic and automatic systems, the benefits are as follows:
    • It prevents waste of time.
    • It decreases the need for personnel.
    • It increases the amount of raw material and thereby the capacity of the facility.
    • It decreases the risk of worker health and worker security.
    • It enhances the quality of the waste.

Apart from these, to prevent the loss in value of materials which are in precious metal class, special workmanship is needed for some types of e-waste materials; and for this work manual handling is a better method.

  • WEEE Recycling
  • Waste Accumulator and Batteries Recycling
  • Metal Collection and Recycling
  • Cable Recycling
  • Aircraft Recycling
  • Automobile Equipments Recycling
  • X-Ray Film Recycling
  • Aydınlatma Ekipmanları Geri Dönüşümü
  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Recycling

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