Bio Collectors Limited

Bio Collectors Limited

Recycling Services

A food collection service that takes food waste and recycles it as fertiliser for crop production, eliminating the need for expensive and environmentally un-friendly landfill. Every year the UK generates millions of tons of food waste from every part of the food supply chain - food manufacturing, processing, retailing and catering. Approximately, 100m tons of commercial food waste is produced annually with just over 65% going to landfill. However, this is about to change. EU directives are driving new Government initiatives and imposing strict measures to divert certain types of waste - in particular biodegradable food - from landfill, and increase recycling. In the UK, a target has been set to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill by 8m tons by 2013.


Degradation of biodegradable waste in landfill produces methane and carbon dioxide as a natural part of decomposition and these can continue emission into the atmosphere several hundred years after a landfill site has closed.

These two gases are major contributors to global warming, the breakdown of the ozone layer and potentially dramatic climate change.

Existing landfill sites are almost full and new site options are limited.

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