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Refurbishment And Upgrading Services

BAC cooling towers and condensers may need refurbishment or upgrading during their lifetime. BAC Balticare provides a wide range of refurbishment and upgrading options. Refurbishment services extend the equipment’s operating life. They include repair or replacement of panels and structural components which are subject to corrosion or mechanical damage. BAC Balticare offers a high quality re-painting service for the internal surfaces of the cooling equipment.

New technology and upgraded components can be incorporated into existing installations. These “retrofit packages” include:

  • Replacement fill pack options for easy maintenance
  • Plume abatement coils
  • Various high efficiency drift eliminators (certified)
  • Low noise fans
  • Sound attenuation packages
  • High level access platforms
  • Combined inlet shields (to avoid splash-out and algae growth at theair inlets)
  • ...

Upgrades allow you to comply with any new regulations or standards. Upgrading your cooling equipment enhances the maintainability, thereby leading to optimal performance and safer operation.

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