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Remediation Management Services


We provide our clients with comprehensive environmental remediation management services, including: Designing, permitting, supervising, and interpreting site investigations; Risk assessments according to risk-based corrective action legislation; Engineering evaluations and feasibility studies; Development of remedial solutions and preparation of remediation plans; Regulatory liaison; Construction and operation supervision and reporting; Long-term monitoring; Site closure.

We have provided remediation management services sites involving soil and groundwater contamination, hazardous waste landfills, agricultural land reclamation, industrial facilities requiring decontamination including after devastating fires, and indoor air corrective action at industrial and residential properties. Our remediation experience includes numerous types of contaminants including chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, PCBs, acids, caustics, asbestos, and radionuclides.

Representative remediation management projects:

  • Enhanced in situ bioremediation of trichloroethylene groundwater contamination
  • Complex groundwater remediation at three industrial facilities. More than 50 pumping wells and 15 treatment plants for chlorinated solvent and heavy metal contamination.
  • In situ geochemical remediation of hexavalent chromium groundwater contamination at an industrial facility.
  • Vapor intrusion corrective action at residential properties. Sub-slab depressurization systems successfully prevent volatile organic compounds from entering houses.
  • In situ chemical oxidation of organic solvent subsurface contamination.
  • Technical oversight of post-closure operation and monitoring of hazardous waste landfill.
  • Complex environmental investigation following a large industrial fire at manufacturing facility in eastern Hungary.

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