VentEko JSC

VentEko JSC

Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Hydrocarbon Pollution



The possibilities of further use of any contaminated environmental resource are severely limited, moreover it poses a risk to the health of humans and ecosystems. High quality remediation is of great importance for full recovery of environmental resource potential. VentEko remediation projects are carried out by highly experienced and internationally educated professionals using latest and practice-proven technologies providing high quality service in remediation of hydrocarbon pollution.

We offer:

  • Operational remediation response to oil pollution
  • Preparation of technical and economical feasibility study for remediation as well as technical project (remediation work program)
  • Coordination of collaboration between the client and legal environmental institutions
  • Pilot project realization for the efficiency assessment of the selected remediation method
  • Pollution elimination applying traditional pump-and-treat, dual-phase extraction, chemical and biological contamination degradation, in-situ and ex-situ soil treatment and other methods
  • Achievement of the project goals initially defined

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