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Material Characterization Studies. Headwaters Resources offers material characterization services to evaluate a byproduct’s potential for beneficial use. Characterization involves developing a material sampling plan, sample collection, physical testing, chemical analysis, and interpretation of results. Some of Headwaters Resources’ Material Testing and Research Facilities’ (MTRF) testing capabilities include microscopy, particle size analysis, carbon content, magnetic content, X-ray fluorescence, atomic absorption, and various wet chemistry analyses, in addition to conventional construction material testing.

Material Handling/Processing Evaluations. Headwaters Resources’ evaluations of material handling and processing requirements are conducted based on material characteristics, bench or pilot scale processing, and Headwaters Resources’ experience with similar materials.

Market Studies. Headwaters Resources’ market study team evaluates product capabilities, explores market opportunities, and recommends the most environmentally and economically sound approaches to marketing or disposal scenarios. Headwaters Resources’ experience in design and operations has led to many unique approaches to waste stream minimization by placing an emphasis on reuse and recycling.

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