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Risk Assessments are an excellent tool to provide alternative remediation criteria on sites where standard remediation methods are not economically feasible, or cannot be undertaken due to legal constraints. The risk assessment process compares engineering applications with the biological study of relationships between the environment (terrestrial and aquatic) and industrial processes, and their consequences, to develop site-specific contaminant criteria. The assessment uses science, statistics and modeling to assess risk-related information.

A typical risk assessment consists of four (4) steps:

  1. Hazard identification – identify potential hazards, which involves identifying where and how chemicals are being released into the environment
  2. Exposure assessment – determining the environmental fate of the chemicals released from each release point and the ways in which an individual can be exposed to those chemicals. This includes determining the quantity of material taken into a receptor, characteristic of a receptor, concentration of the chemical, and the bioavailability factor specific to the chemical and exposure route.
  3. Toxicity assessment (human health and ecological) - evaluate the potential for selected chemicals to cause adverse effects in exposed populations and to provide and estimate of the ‘dose-response relationship’.
  4. Risk characterization – Once a dose has been calculated, and the corresponding risk comparing the total dose to the reference dose (i.e. hazard index) has been estimated, the determination of potential risk or non-risk is reported.

ECOH Management Inc. has undertaken site-specific risk assessments for a wide range of contaminated properties, across the country over the last several years

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