Safe Air Services


There is increasing public awareness about the effects of over exposure to poorly maintained working environments. To enable the employee to work efficiently they require satisfactory levels of thermal comfort, adequate levels of relative humidity and sufficient quantities of fresh or purified air. In the course of time, poorly maintained air conditioning systems will have far reaching consequences upon the quality of the working environment.

In fully air-conditioned premises the occupants breathe ‘fresh’ air which has been distributed almost entirely via the ducted ventilation system. For energy conservation reasons a proportion of this air will have been recirculated many times. It is not uncommon therefore, particularly on poorly maintained systems, to find significant contamination. This may include dusts, moisture, insects, vermin, pest droppings and building materials left behind following construction. Without control measures there are potential health risks to occupants and additional costs to building owners and managers.

Seen Clean can provide a comprehensive service to clean, disinfect and maintain your air conditioning plant and associated systems, including surrounding areas (plant rooms). Adhering to all industry standards, including HVAC TR19 (TR17).

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