Safety Consultancy Services


Patriot Environmental Services continues its commitment to the unsurpassed safety of our employees, customers and environment. Our Health and Safety Training Professionals provide both practical as well as theoretical training to ensure our employees receive accredited training surpassing industry standards and compliance. Health and Safety Training is an essential core aspect of our ongoing operations providing our clients with tasks specific personnel.

  1. Regulatory Compliance
  2. Safety Protocol
  3. Safety Planning/Crisis Communication
  4. Critical Incidents Response Training
  5. Situation Awareness Training
  6. I S Net World Participation
  7. PICS Auditing Participation
  8. NCMS Random Drug & Alcohol
  9. LACC Drug Testing Pool
  10. Spill Preparedness and Response
  11. Asset Inspection and Compliance
  12. Tactical Response Planning
  13. ICS (Incident Command System Training)
  14. All Hazard ICS Position Specific
  15. Business Continuity of Operations
  16. Confined Space Operations
  17. Confined Space Rescue

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