Earth Data Northeast, Inc.

Earth Data Northeast, Inc.

Schlumberger Westbay Multi-Level Groundwater Monitoring System


Schlumberger is the gold standard in subsurface evaluation and monitoring technology and services. EDN is proud to have been selected by Schlumberger as a distributor and certified service provider of its Westbay multi-level groundwater monitoring and sampling system.

At the 2011 Shale Gas Insight conference, EDN received the Responsible Development Innovation Award for the use of these technologies to evaluate possible groundwater impacts resulting from hydraulic fracturing in the unconventional natural gas plays.

The combination of EDN's geophysical logging and packer testing services with the Westbay technology provides accurate, reliable and defensible depth-discrete pressure and groundwater chemistry data. This documents baseline conditions and identifies changes during the lifecycle of a project while maintaining thorough quality assurance. This approach maximizes the amount of information obtained from a single borehole and has been used for more than 25 years in the following applications:

  • Research related to construction of deep geologic repositories for storage of radioactive waste
  • Environmental Impact Assessments for mine construction and operations
  • Geotechnical monitoring for large-scale civil engineering projects
  • Groundwater Resource Management
  • Characterization, monitoring and remediation of groundwater contamination

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