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Generate compliant SDSs, labels, exposure scenarios and extended SDSs. Ensure your downstream customers have access to your products' SDSs.

Creating, maintaining and distributing comprehensive, updated SDSs and labels that conform to increasingly complex compliance requirements worldwide takes expertise, regulatory knowledge, current data, accuracy and time. 

With employees and customers to protect, products to ship, customer demands to fulfill, new markets to enter and complex regulatory obligations to meet, there’s no room for error or time to waste.

We have the solutions, services and expertise to help you manage the complexities of gathering accurate chemical data, applying international regulatory directives and guidelines and issuing reliable hazard communication documentation in the formats and languages required. 

Verisk 3E™ is uniquely able to offer single source compliance support. We deliver the broadest set of solutions available including a powerful authoring platform, value added global regulatory content, consolidated toxicological content, SDS access for R&D and manufacturing, distribution of product SDS documents to customers, flexible authoring services and more.


With 3E Generate™, formerly MSDgen®, your EHS staff can streamline the authoring and distribution of hazard communication documentation in conformance with complex and changing regulations in multiple jurisdictions and languages worldwide. 

Our award winning enterprise SDS and label authoring, management and distribution platform can generate the SDS and label templates required to meet international regulatory compliance and business requirements.


We offer outsourced authoring and co-authoring services. Our global, multilingual staff of highly trained authors can create, analyze and manage globally compliant SDSs and product label content for you, freeing up your internal resources while strengthening product and facility stewardship.

We offer:


Can you quickly and easily print GHS compliant transport, hazard and precautionary labels for all intended markets? With 3E Label, Verisk 3E SDS Authoring Services customers can generate labels for substances, mixtures and finished goods in seconds using a highly intuitive online interface.


Verisk 3E’s SDS Authoring Services can be extended to include SDS distribution, empowering downstream end user customers to access SDSs a variety of ways:

  • Hosting: Enable access via a website maintained and hosted by Verisk 3E
  • Push: Distribute SDSs to customers via regularly scheduled deliveries by email, fax or mail
  • Link: Offer access to hosted documents via a link provided by Verisk 3E to the manufacturer or distributor’s website

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