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Sediments and their associated benthic organisms are critically important in maintaining the overall health and productivity of aquatic ecosystems. For a number of reasons, sediments are often the primary sink for contaminants. As a result, sediments can be the most sensitive and ecologically important component of aquatic systems, and assessment of sediment toxicity and bioaccumulation has become increasingly important.

Sediment testing is used in a wide variety of applications including dredging, ecological and human health risk assessment, biological assessment, TMDLs, NRDA and CERCLA evaluations, and site remediation. However, the appropriate design and interpretation of these tests can be complicated due to the number of factors that can affect the test results. Pacific EcoRisk is expert in the fate and effect of contaminants in sediments, and routinely provides the following sediment toxicity services for our clients:

  • Toxicity testing with freshwater, estuarine and marine species
  • Bioaccumulation studies with freshwater, estuarine and marine species
  • Whole sediment, sediment elutriate, and sediment porewater testing
  • Sediment-Water Interface Core Testing
  • Static, static-renewal, and flow through capabilities
  • Benthic Community Evaluations
  • Sediment TIEs
  • Sediment Sampling and Sample Management

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