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Order forms: Customer and sample details are sent with the sample; simply tick the analyses you require. Sampling information is provided for representative field sampling of soils and plant materials. Sample packaging: In polythene bags providing the sample amount required for analysis (250g for soil). Sterilin vials are provided for water/solution analysis. Postage: In pre-paid Durable Mailer bags or by pre-arranged courier service. Results: Turnaround is usually about 2-3 days allowing for sample drying/preparation prior to analysis. Results are returned by e-mail, fax or 1st class post. The results format can be customised to meet specific requirements if required. Quality control: SOP and GLP protocols apply. Standard reference materials are included in all analytical runs. Costs: Analytical costs are inclusive of interpretation and recommendations if required. All services are subject to VAT at the current rate.

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