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Next Generation Technology is validated by computer modeling, cost-effective prototyping, and rigorous testing. Quantalux Offers The Following Skills: Prototyping and Testing: Quantalux  is experienced with designing and testing new technologies for use in biogas systems. Our team is best at prototype development, taking initial design concepts, building prototypes and conducting pilot-scale testing. After performance has been validated using lab- and field-based testing, Quantalux seeks partners to mature the technology into a commercially-ready state and market the solution.

Quantalux works with its customers to evaluate potential projects to determine the technical and financial feasibility for biogas systems at farms and municipalities. Our suite of computer models combine technical and cost data in order to understand the various trade-offs for the project. We have also developed several pro forma financial models to calculate the economic viability for a given project from an investor’s perspective.

Our agricultural division has numerous databases and models for anaerobic digesters in order to analyze the best use for various feedstocks such as dairy manure, food waste and poultry litter.  Our expertise can identify the optimal approach to extract monetary value from various organic waste materials.

Quantalux and our partners can offer development skills in optical systems for imaging and spectral analysis. Our optical division is experienced with illumination hardware, optical filters, broadband sources, spectral measurements and initial prototyping. We have a range of partners we can work with to deliver a full prototype solution for our customers.

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