AQUA+TECH develops and produces water soluble polymers which are used maintaining the quality of water, as well as in intermediates in the personal care sector. Production, in Geneva, is to exacting standards and we are competitive owing to a high level of process automation, as well as an extraordinary efficiency, which was, in 2015, 99.7%. All our products are made in food grade facilities and have the foremost level of certification of any on the market. This includes food grade (Kosher, Halal), drinking water (NSF, FDA Compliance) as well as Eco-labels.

AQUA+TECH is a professional logistics company with a worldwide delivery service. We can, generally, get anything, anywhere for EUR 0.15/kg or less. All goods are insured and we can provide regional storage as well as assistance in customs clearance. 

AQUA+TECH is able to take advantage of the Swiss banking system and offer a diverse set of financing options at low interest rates. Relatively long terms are available with letters of credit.  Foreign coverage is taken at very low costs and we can usually guarantee prices for longer times than our competitors owing to our ability to warehouse.

AQUA+TECH carries out training with our partners, for their clients, and also has regional market events. We also engage in cost-free product development and customization. Everyone in the company travels from our president, to our research team and we have a group of in-house professors as consultants.

AQUA+TECH was created on November 25, 1997 and is a Swiss Corporation. Our services are marketed in over forty countries. Our charities, of which Every Drop Counts, is the leading platform, support over three hundred people.

We believe that there are outstanding characteristics in everybody. Seemingly normal people come here and realize they are superstars. This is not alchemy. You are already made of gold and we simply have to enable you to see yourself in that light. If such a career is interesting.

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