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- PV Laboratory Testing Services



Test your PV components, including PV modules, inverters and batteries, in our accredited partner laboratories in Asia, Europe and USA.

What PV laboratory tests are available?

Sinovoltaics' PV component laboratory testing includes the following tests:

  • I-V measurement
  • Electroluminescence imaging
  • Potential induced degradation (PID) test
  • Light induced degradation (LID) test
  • Dynamic mechanical load test
  • Low irradiance I-V measurement (200W/m2) 
  • Temperature coefficient test
  • Wet leakage current test 
  • Damp heat test (1000hrs) 
  • TC200
  • EVA gel content test
  • Peel strength test 

Your benefits:
Entrusting Sinovoltaics with the laboratory testing of your PV components - your benefits:

  • 100% independent from suppliers and manufacturers
  • PV component-specialized quality engineers
  • strict testing according to national and international standards 
  • short lead-time, fast testing
  • best pricing in the PV industry: do you find better pricing somewhere else? We'll match that pricing + 5% discount.

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