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Site Assessment & Remedial


PHASE I, II AND III DUE DILIGENCE SITE ASSESSMENTS - Public Record Reviews (City Directories, Fire Insurance, Flood Plain and Zoning Maps),Aerial Photograph, Geologic, Topographic and Economic Map Reviews,Applicable City, County, State and Federal Agency Record Reviews,Economic Environmental Liability Analysis,Facility and Adjacent Property Historic Land Use Determinations,Building Material Inspections and Sampling for Asbestos and Lead Paint,Historical and Active Waste Management Unit Investigations and Sampling,Soil Vapor and Radon Gas Sampling,Stormwater and Process Discharge Sampling,Electromagnetic Surveys,Groundwater Sampling and Analysis,Remedial Design and Implementation,Closure Plans and Waste Removal.

Registered Corrective Action Specialist and Project Management
Corrective Action Pre-Approval Process
Limited, Comprehensive and Accelerated Assessments
Remedial Implementation, Operations and Maintenance
Groundwater Monitoring and Analytical Plans
Budgeting and Invoicing in Accordance with Regulatory Task Designations for Reimbursement
Reimbursement Applications and Computerized Regulatory Submittal Forms
Release Reporting
Initial Abatement
Plan A and Plan B Risk Assessment
Site Closure
Reimbursement Requirements and Deadlines of HB 2587
Expert Witness Testimony

Groundwater Quality Assessments
Aquifer Pumping and Recovery Tests
Groundwater Modeling (Hydraulic Parameters and Fate and Transport)
Remedial Technology Alternatives Analysis
Turnkey Remediation System Design and Installation
RCRA Compliance Monitoring
RCRA Facility Investigations
RCRA Corrective Measures Studies
CERCLA Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies
Vadose Zone Vapor Recovery, Treatment Design and Installation
Waste Management Unit Closure under Regulatory Risk Reduction Rules
Landfill Siting Studies and Investigations
Public and Industrial Water Supply Wells
NPDES and Stormwater Permitting
Pollutions Prevention Plans

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