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We believe that any company or development agency contemplating capital investment in a specific site should develop a clear masterplan which justifies the investment, lays the foundation for future investment and sets out how this is to be achieved. It should be a working document which is used and modified as functions, objectives and other parameters change.

Our capacity to help is based upon good practical experience as well as in-depth understanding of production processes and our clients’ business drivers.

We can translate your aspirations into a master plan which is achievable and makes sound business sense.

Our approach is to achieve four main objectives:

  • align the site with a clear corporate strategy and justification for capital investment which clearly highlights the benefits to the business
  • thoroughly assess the gaps with the current site and its readiness to achieve the objectives set out by its management team
  • set out a phased capital investment over an agreed time period with cash flow and risk analysis which is clearly presented
  • provide drawings and presentation material in a high quality format to suit the client requirements in order to show how a site will be developed over a phased timeframe.

Our tried and tested approach is carried out in three phases:

Strategic intent and gap analysis

We work closely with our clients to:

  • analyse the business case and brainstorm alternative solutions, ensuring that there are specific objectives in place which are quantified with realistic timelines
  • apply a checklist with the client to assess both the physical aspects of the site, and to critically review the information systems and resources required to support the strategic objective
  • analyse the gaps.

Feasibility design and option development

Using a multi-disciplined team, including consultants, architects and technical specialists to suit the masterplan concept, we review the strategic intent against the gap analysis and produce a number of options, normally involving the generation of different site and plant layout concepts.

At this stage, we would, typically, present:

  • concept level site layouts showing logical traffic, material and people flow
  • plant layout and siting of facilities including manufacturing, warehousing and storage, plant utilities, waste treatment and accommodation with a full assessment of internal safe distance requirements and external site impacts
  • an estimation of utilities consumption and space requirements for future development
  • a concept level estimate of capital investment and cash flow over an agreed time period for each option
  • a detailed assessment of regulatory compliance requirements for each option.

Assessment of options and presentation of final report
The final phase of the master planning exercise involves an assessment and rating of options against agreed criteria or success factors.

High quality presentations are typically produced for Senior Management as well as for local planners, consultation groups and employees.

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