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Site Waste Management Plans Services

Whilst good practice for all sites, if you are carrying out any building, civil engineering or engineering construction work where the total value of the materials AND labour exceed £300,000 then a Site Waste Management Plan will be a legal requirement.


Formulating a Site Waste Management Plan will ensure your Duty of Care obligations are met, and will also assist you in the responsible management of materials and waste, meaning cost savings for you, and more protection for the environment.

Site Waste Management Plans will also mean ALL waste queries can be answered easily and promptly as well as providing valuable information for future projects.

Acorn Waste Management can offer assistance in developing Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP), from individual projects to multi site operations. We work closely with our customers to ensure that projects are delivered on time and to budget. Our aim is to drive down costs and minimise waste produced.

Areas of concentration:

  • Site size and physical constraints
  • Waste streams present and the most appropriate segregation system
  • Location of the waste compound - where access is most efficient for workers and collection drivers
  • Whether hazardous waste will be produced and the most appropriate method of disposal

Areas for consideration:

  • Site segregation
  • Land remediation
  • Skip hire
  • Safe disposal of hazardous waste

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