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Soil Remediation


Lobbe soil remediation plants in Hagen and Spremberg accept contaminated soils originated from oil spills or accidents as well as from restoration projects. Lobbe service includes complete project management, excavation, loading and transport, biological and chemical analysis and follow-through on all regulatory requirements including preparation of all documents for the appropriate authorities.

Soil vapour extraction
Soils contaminated with gasoline, chlorinated hydrocarbons such as 'Tri' or 'Per' or other volatile pollutants are effectively treated by soil vapour extraction. It is the method of choice when soil is inaccessible and excavation is not possible. Equipment is installed temporary at the contaminated site and can be provided in short terms. Extracted air containing the pollutants is either treated by catalytic combustion or by activated charcoal filtration. Choice of technique depends on type and concentration of pollutants. For each project, equipment and technique is composed in optimal manner.

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