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Soil Remediation Services


CleanEarth’s Halifax Facility, Canada’s first and only commercial soil washing and soil recycling facility, is a licensed treatment facility permitted through the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour. The contaminated soils that we receive are often complex in nature and contain both physical (oil/fuel, debris) and chemical (organic and inorganics such as hydrocarbons, PAHs, and heavy metals) contaminants. The substantive removal of all contaminants from the soil matrix in a cost-effective manner is essential and CleanEarth’s proven track record in this regard is what differentiates us from the competition.

We currently remediate over 120,000 tonnes of soil annually at our facility, at process production rates between 90 and 150 tonnes per hour, depending on the specific soil composition. CleanEarth’s facility can handle any size of job, can receive soils 12 months a year, and can treat the following:

  • Heavy Metals;
  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons;
  • PAHs;
  • Contaminated sulphide bearing material (Pyritic slate);
  • Any combination of the above.

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