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The answer to this question should guide the way a sample is taken. Soil sampling and analysis is a valuable Nutrient Advantage tool, providing insight into the nutrient and general fertility status of surface (and if analysed, sub-surface) soil layers.

The benefits of soil sampling to the farmer are:


  • Establish the current nutrient status of the soil to provide the basis for future strategies.
  • Indicate the ameliorants required to correct a soil’s possible physical and chemical property imbalances.
  • Determine factors that may be limiting crop and pasture production.
  • Identify opportunities to improve farm profitability through efficient soil fertility management.
  • Develop an appropriate nutrient plan for the farm based on productivity targets.
  • Monitor the progress of nutrient strategies over time and indicate any need to fine-tune inputs.
  • Determine the better fertiliser form &/or application method to suit particular situations.
  • Assists in the planning process through improved budgeting of farm financial resources.

These benefits may result in better farm management through more cost effective nutrient decisions.  


Please see Sampling Instructions for more information


Getting the Sample to the LabEnsure that you have 500 grams of soil per sample in each bag.  Extra soil is used during preparation time at the laboratory for flushing grinders to avoid contamination.  

Fill out the appropriate Submission Form making sure to supply the correct customer account number. Fill out ONE Form for a maximum of three samples taken from the same paddock or with the same histories. These samples can be all topsoils, deep soil nitrogen tests or subsoils, or a combination of these test options. 

Ensure a test code is clearly indicated using the current Nutrient Advantage Price List.

Double check that the barcode numbers on the completed Submission Form match the barcode numbers on the sample bags (remember to keep one for your records). Remember that you must supply accurate information so that correct interpretation and recommendation of test results can be made. 

Place all forms in the clear press seal plastic pocket provided.  Place the submission form and soil samples into a Freight satchel and seal and deliver to:

Attn: Sample Preparation
Nutrient Advantage Laboratory
8 South Road, Werribee
Victoria, 3030

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