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Soil sampling allows you to optimize yields, minimize fertilizer costs. Managing the nutrient content of the soil is one key to optimum performance of any plant whether it is your lawn or a commercial crop like alfalfa, corn, apples, turf or pumpkins. Over or under application of these essential plant nutrients is very costly in terms of lost yield or quality. The environmental impact from over application or misapplication of plant nutrients can have significant and costly consequences as well. For that reason, soil testing should be the foundation of any crop management plan whether it is for the home gardener or the commercial farm operation.

The value of soil testing

An agronomic soil test extracts a portion of the plant available nutrients contained in a soil sample and results are then classified as low, medium, high or very high based on expected crop response to added crop nutrients, crops grown on soils that test high to very high for a specific nutrient are not likely to respond with a yield increase if that nutrient is applied to the soil. However, soils testing low or medium for that nutrient are likely to show improved yield and quality if that nutrient is applied (provided other nutrients are present in adequate amounts).

Soil testing is a required component of nutrient management plans for many commercial farming operations as well as for purchase of phosphorous containing fertilizers for use on established lawns in some Northeast states.

State specific Agro-One packages are targeted to customer needs

Agro-One offers soil test packages and nutrient guidelines to meet the diverse needs of commercial crop producers and home owners here in the Northeast.* New York customers also have the option of an Agro-One analysis with Cornell recommendations.

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