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Soil Testing Services

Your soil is the biggest asset on your farm and one of the most important resources for human survival. The performance and understanding of your soil is a key factor in the overall performance of your farming enterprise. Structure, fertility and general health are key to performance while understanding the chemical, biological and physical health and balance of your soil will only enhance its performance.

Undertaking a structured and regular soil testing program will assist you to create the foundation for increased economic and environmental sustainability within your farming enterprise. Through our unique testing process you will be able to:

  • Determine both the base fertility level of your soils as well as the plant available nutrients.  A key unique feature for high performance cropping.
  • Determine your next crop or current crop’s fertiliser requirements - for pre plant, planting and in crop.
  • Determine the right combination of fertilisers and balance of nutrients for optimum results.
  • Set and monitor long term soil fertility programs through our GrowPlan structure.
  • Set individual field yields and quality goals in line with the budget to attain them.

Undertaking a soil test is just one aspect of a solid testing program.  Undertaking the right test that gives you a complete picture of your soil is crucial, and then the interpretation of the test is fundamental for your success.  Knowing the desirable levels of a test is only one aspect, knowing the results of the interaction and balance of these numbers is crucial; as this will result in better fertiliser product recommendations, application timing and quantity for optimum plant nutrition and soil fertility performance.  Advanced Nutrients has the experience and soil science knowledge to ensure you get optimum results from your soil testing program that ensures maximum crop and pasture performance.

Obtaining a representative soil sample is an important factor in your testing program.  The below are key points when soil sampling:

  • Request a soil test kit from Advanced Nutrients
  • Ensure your sampling equipment is clean and it should ideally be stainless steel.
  • Where possible avoid stock camps, gateways, recently fertilised areas, water ways, etc
  • If soil types vary markedly across a field, e.g. from loam to heavy clay, take separate samples for each soil type 
  • Ideally take 20-25 representative samples and ideally GPS grid points should be used for accurate monitoring over time.
  • Depending on crop type soil cores can be taken from 0-10cm or 0-30cm as well as deep tests (for advice on your farm contact Advanced Nutrients 1800 244 009)
  • For an even more advanced testing process, Advanced Nutrients can arrange EM Mapping of your fields which allow us to better target the different aspects of fields for testing.  This is enhanced when yields maps are overlaid with the EM Maps as we can then compare poor and good performing areas and even grid test specific fields and target specific fertiliser programs to the different performing areas.
  • We then have a complete map and plan of the soil sampling areas to ensure repeatability of tests and accuracy of results for the long term.

When the above sampling process is followed the samples are sent to an accredited NATA and ASPAC independent laboratory for analysis.  Once analysed (approx one week of when arrived) Advanced Nutrients interprets the results and gives you a complete report and recommendation based on your crop types grown, expected rainfall or irrigation availability, yield and quality expectations and most importantly your budget.

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