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The growing controversy over the finding of foreign DNA in food products has prompted many customers to seek test certificates to prove the authenticity of their food products –  for peace of mind and to confirm authenticity of products, there are a number of tests that can be administered.

IdentiGEN’s DNA Species Identification

IdentiGENs accredited laboratories have being carrying out DNA species tests for many years. Our tests are used by many retail and food manufacturing companies to prove the authenticity of their raw materials and finished products – and have been validated through inter-laboratory trials and laboratories audited by Competent Authorities to ensure they meet internationally accepted best practice

We have recently started to work with religious groups and multi-species food manufacturing companies to develop testing protocols as a means to verify the efficacy of wash downs and authenticity of their food products.

Test Information

Species Detected– We offer a wide variety of species specific tests, including Pig, Cow, Sheep, Horse, Chicken, Rat, Soya, Maize and many other species

Qualitative (Presence/Absence Test)– This highly sensitive test seeks to determine whether target species is present or absent in a given sample at or above the Limit of Detection (0.1%)

Quantitative Test– This test estimates the proportion of ‘target DNA’ to another species DNA in a given food product at or above the Limit of Quantification (0.1%), eg, the proportion of porcine DNA Vs bovine DNA in a food sample

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