Wasteman Group

Spill Response Services

Wasteman Spill Response Team  As a division of Wasteman Holdings, we specialise in the following services;
  • Pollution rehabilitation and clean-up
  • Accredited training on all Spill response, First Aid Training, Hazmat training, SHE inspection, Basic fire fighting and many other accredited training
  • Spill kits and absorbent supply materials
  • Fire decontamination and clean-up
  • Petrochemical liquids pumping and Upliftment
  • Specialised industrial cleaning
  • Asbestos abatement and disposal
  • Hazardous waste cleaning
  • Spill response services & equipment
  • Laboratory chemical repacking and disposal
Spill Response  We offer specialised services and equipment for containment and clean-up of chemical and oil spillage incidents. Spillages of hazardous nature, as well as non-hazardous nature are managed, Including liquid recovery, waste minimisation, final clean up and waste disposal. All personnel are skilled and equipped to manage the risks involved. 

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