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The quality of an incident response defines the extent of a spill; the difference between good and bad can be measured in lives, injuries, and dollars. DirectCIH has the personnel and technology to minimize these costs. We provide an array of on site, direct reading instrumentation that can identify hundreds of thousands of chemicals, at part per million (ppm) levels, minutes after arrival.

When a spill or accident occurs, DirectCIH is prepared to give immediate direction. Our experienced Certified Industrial Hygienists strategically and tactically manage planning and response to minimize economic impacts and hazards to people and the environment.

Combined with accurate knowledge of the site and the processes involved, this critical information allows:

  • Zoning of a site, access control
  • Evacuation areas
  • Determination of PPE levels
  • Initial offensive strategies
  • Evaluation of outcome

Waste Streams
Any chemical waste release requires rapid response using knowledge of complex mixtures and how they might behave in an open environment. Quick determination works best using:

  • Real time sampling and analysis, combined with
  • Understanding of the principles of chemical behavior, and
  • Knowledge of the surroundings and conditions.

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