Standard Ongoing Pest Control Service

EPC Standard pest control contracts are suitable for both residential and business premises where regular visits are carried out throughout the year or over the winter season, EPC offer a selection of on-going contracts to choose from:

EPC offer a number of different type of contracts to choose from significant infestation is found.

  • 8 visit contracts (2 visits each quarter-every 6 weeks approximately)
  • 4 visit contracts (1 visit each quarter)
  • 5 visits over the winter period (these contracts are particularly suitable for schools and residential clients)
  • We can also tailor visits to suit your particular needs

All our business contracts fulfil or exceed the requirements of:

Environmental Health Officers, HACCP, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Department of Agriculture and other industry inspectors including multi-nationals, supermarket chains, etc.

  1. The contract will commence with placing numbered bait boxes in appropriate locations (interior/exterior). Exterior boxes are tamper-proof and secured in place when required a corresponding map will indicate the number and position of each box.
  2. All bait points will be inspected at each visit and bait replaced where necessary, a record of the visit will be made.
  3. A Technical Folder will be held on-site

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