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DMS Environmental Services, LLC

Storage Tank Services


Blair Petroleum Maintenance & Construction is a division of DMS Environmental Services, LLC. Services offered by Blair Petroleum serve to compliment and expand the range of services that DMS Environmental is able to provide its clients, particularly in the area of storage tanks.Blair Petroleum Maintenance & Construction provides turn-key operation for the petroleum industry ranging from pre-construction and installation permitting to complete facility construction and regulatory-required Facility Operations Inspections.

  • Tank System Site-Specific Installation Permits
  • Labor and Industry Permitting
  • Installation, Removal and Servicing of AST and UST Systems
  • Fuel Supply
  • Chemical Storage
  • Water Supply
  • Portable Tanks
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Tank and Facility Inspections
  • PADEP Certifications
  • UMX-Underground Storage Tank Installations and Modifications
  • UMR-Underground Storage Tank Removals/Closures
  • IUM-Inspection of Underground Storage Tank Systems and Facilities
  • AMMX-Aboveground Manufactured Metallic Storage Tank Installations and Modifications
  • AMNX-Aboveground Non-Metallic Storage Tank Installations and Modifications
  • AMR-Aboveground Manufactured Storage Tank Removals/Closures
  • AMEX-Aboveground Storage Tank System Mechanical Installation, Modifications and Removal
  • ACVL-Aboveground Storage Tank-Civil
  • IAM-Inspection of Aboveground Manufactured Storage Tanks

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