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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a procedure carried out to evaluate and report the likely impact on the environment that can arise from implementation of national, regional or local level plans and programmes. SEA also implies preparation of proposals to address adverse impacts, as well as extension of opportunities for the public awareness and participation in planning and decision making processes. The SEA is mandatory in Latvia since March 2004. The framework document to be prepared within the SEA is an environmental report, which may constitute a separate chapter of a strategic paper, plan, programme, concept or another planning document. The environmental report can also be prepared as a single document which assesses potential significant effects of the respective planning document or the reasonable alternatives of the proposed plan on the environment.

The rich diversity of experience, skills and competences allows the ELLE employees to play a leading role in providing expert services in the above area. Since 2004, the ELLE experts have been involved in the preparation of the SEA for national policy plans, various regional and local development programmes, territorial plans and detailed plans. ELLE develops environmental reports and organizes public hearings of these reports.

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