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Supporting both sides of the equation. From apparel manufacturers to global retailers to healthcare facilities, organizations around the world are actively setting targets and making performance improvements to reduce their carbon footprints. As more importance is placed on mandatory and consistent reporting of carbon emissions, a standard scoring system is one way to provide the transparency required for effective carbon management along the entire supply chain. LEED certifications and the rigorous indexing programs put in place by the Walmart consortium are just two examples.

FirstCarbon Solutions works with companies to establish effective scorecards for their supply chains, and we help suppliers readily and successfully respond to requests for sustainability data by their customers.

With our deep experience in sustainability analysis and reporting, FirstCarbon Solutions helps you develop a rating system for your supply chain that is both rational and scientific.

From energy to waste to water, we’ll help you establish standards that work for your business and are compelling to your stakeholders.

On the supplier side, FirstCarbon Solutions helps suppliers cost-effectively collect and report on their sustainability status to make responding to customer requests for data simpler and faster. Having granular data on your performance readily available to a customer can make you a supplier of choice and more competitive in the marketplace.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an independent non-profit organization, provides a transformative global system for organizations to measure, disclose, manage, and share climate change information.

With consumers, shareholders, and other stakeholders demanding carbon reporting transparency, businesses are actively examining the green credentials of their existing and potential suppliers. More than 50 brands, including Vodafone, PepsiCo and Walmart, participate in the CDP Supply Chain Program. The program is designed to promote information sharing and innovation between CDP Supply Chain members and their suppliers of goods and services.

As CDP Supply Chain's scoring partner, FirstCarbon Solutions was tasked with taking information provided by participating suppliers, creating a disclosure score, and for the first time, assigning a CDP Supply Chain performance score. These scores help CDP Supply Chain members and their suppliers benchmark performance and seek year-on-year improvements.

FirstCarbon Solutions was selected as a scoring partner because of its leadership position in both data management and sustainability. The scored data provides tangible insights for CDP members in assessing which suppliers are performing well on climate change and those that are lagging behind.

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