Sustainability Consulting Services


Sustainability is a global issue that impacts all organisations.  Increasing regulation is driving up energy costs and putting carbon management firmly on the executive agenda. There are also increasing concerns around future water and raw material scarcity.  All of this adds up to a challenging environment for business. With expertise spanning across product and processes development,  materials technology and environmental legislation, Ceram is ideally placed to help ensure your business realises the full benefits of adopting/implementing sustainable practices. We can quickly identify key sustainability challenges facing businesses and develop cost effective solutions.

  • Improve resource efficiency - energy, emissions, water and waste
  • Identify and source substitute raw materials - alternative, recycled or secondary materials (new product development/innovation)
  • Audit, analyse and develop an energy management strategy
  • Embed and maintain best practice through the implementation of Environmental (ISO 14001) and Energy (ISO 50001) Management Systems
  • Develop Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to communicate the whole-life environmental profile of products or systems
  • Produce organisational and product carbon and water footprints.

  • Risk management - ensuring compliance with existing and future environmental regulations
  • Optimise process performance and reduce energy, carbon, water and raw material usage (operating costs) - increase profitability
  • Enhanced sustainability credentials (brand and reputation).

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