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Sustainable development


We are proud of the fact that we are an eco-friendly and focused company and are part of the Environmental Network (Réseau Environnement). We work to prevent accidental pollution by repairing purification basins without emptying them into the natural environment. We endeavour to obtain the best standards of waste management by extracting and reusing polluted mud and silt. We are part of the fight against eutrophisation of aquatic environments using renewable energies with the AQUAGO range.

Restoration of Aquatic Environments
Many bodies of water suffer from serious eutrophisation problems, which can endanger the ecosystem and rule out any safe leisure usage. The restoration of a body of water requires a sound knowledge of the environment, basin catchment areas and the ecosystem. To protect water resources, we bring together all of these skills to be able to furnish complete packages to reshabilitate water bodies, ensuring complete, effective and lasting solutions.

Ultrasound scanning, cartography, sampling and studies. Treatment against aggressive plant life and fibrous algae (approved products). Biological water and sediment treatment. Treatment following accidental pollution. Aeration, mashing. Fish stocking, weed cutting, strengthening the bank. Laying pontoons for people of impaired mobility.

Polluted sludge and silts
Flushing, extraction, pumping of polluted muds and silts. Rehabilitation of the sewage network. Creating deposit areas. Study and implementation of plants for treatment and removal of muds. Pollution treatment of soil and underground areas.

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