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Sustainable Real Estate


Triodos Investment Management's involvement in the real estate sector is based on a unique, 'full spectrum' approach to sustainability based on the four P's: People, Planet, Profit and Project. These four elements are reflected in a unique assessment tool for sustainable real estate: the Triodos Sustainable Real Estate Test. This test goes beyond measuring the energy efficiency of a building. It also incorporates social, economical and spatial aspects, making it the most sustainable approach to real estate.

A unique screening process

Before investing, the fund takes into account all relevant sustainability features of a building, using its Triodos Sustainable Real Estate Screen. This screen combines environmental aspects with issues such as the quality of a building from the perspective of the users, its experiential value and the financial returns it produces.

When buying a property, we use this screen as an assessment tool. And during the management phase we continue using it, to monitor and enhance the quality of the properties that have been bought.

An acknowledged leader

The fund's efforts to promote sustainability within the Dutch property market are being recognised. For example, the fund’s manager Guus Berkhout was recently named the third most influential advocate of sustainability in the Dutch property sector by the Dutch Green Building Council and the Dutch Platform for Sustainable Construction.

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