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Tank And Water System Upgrades & Water Tank Replacement Services


Water systems regularly contain areas that may encourage bacteriological growth. At Brodex we can identify these areas and correct a system to help reduce this risk. This may be anything from a tank clean & chlorination or removing pipework dead legs which are very common on some site’s systems. You have a duty to ensure the system is as low risk as reasonably practical to help prevent bacteriological growth and infecting building occupants.

Risks commonly identified and rectified by us include:

  • Calorifiers not having temperature gauges present.
  • Tanks without a lid.
  • Dead leg on pipework.
  • Uninsulated tanks and calorifiers.
  • Tank overflow pipework without rodent screens.

At times we find tanks that are in a poor condition internally. This can be caused through a lack of maintenance or simply because the tank is old and needs upgrading.

We offer both tank refurbishment and replacement services. Our specialist engineers will compile a specific recommendation and work plan depending on your situation.

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