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Tank Cleaning Services

Tank cleaning operations can be a risky and costly undertaking. Dexcom Solution tank cleaning expertise incorporates various aspects of professional project planning and management. A combination of our innovative Advanced 2 Stage Tank Cleaning Technology with strong planning and project management skills significantly minimize the costs, risks and time required for a successful operation. Our professional team develops custom solutions based on the customers’ objectives, and other considerations such as, the tank and its contents, project site, and environmental considerations.

Our Advanced 2 Stage Tank Cleaning Technology
Dexcom Solution offers a new innovative Turn Around Maintenance (TAM)  tank cleaning method, the Advanced 2 Stage Tank Cleaning technology, an effective, economical and comprehensive system for tank cleaning which includes the removal of bottom sludge from the tank, (crude oil sludge), oil sludge treatment, and tank washing.  Our technology saves working time required for tank cleaning and residual sludge treatment from months to weeks.

The Advanced 2 staged tank cleaning system uses submerged rotary jet mixing machine to dissolve the soluble hydrocarbon content of the sludge back into solution in the oil layer (hydrocarbon re-suspension), this process can recover more than 90% of hydrocarbon from the bottom sludge leaving just 10% residual sludge for further treatment.

  • Save operational time
  • Save operational cost
  • Reduce tank outage
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to put men in tanks
  • Reduce manpower

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