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meteocontrol GmbH

Technical Operation Management Services



The technical operation management of PV systems offers a comprehensive service package of professional remote monitoring and regular inspection and maintenance services. Comprehensive support guarantees maximum yield security.

The central recording and evaluation of system data in comparison with simulated yield values based on highly accurate weather and irradiance data provide the basis for monitoring. Thanks to safer’Sun Professional or VCOM, any reductions in performance are immediately registered and an alarm triggered. Within no more than 24 hours, we rectify the fault either online or with the help of the appropriate service staff. With our onsite service, we ensure smooth and seamless system operation. All system data and processes are archived in the history file and are available for detailed analyses.

  • Central data recording
  • System support 7 days a week
  • Online fault removal or by service staff
  • Technical inspection and maintenance
  • Visual inspections combined with the required landscape maintenance and module cleaning
  • Regular reporting
  • Historical file

  • Yield increase through fast response time with fault removal
  • Personal contact person available 7 days a week
  • Smooth and seamless system operation with comprehensive service package
  • Maximum transparency with reporting and historical file
  • Service scope ordered precisely to meet requirements

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